Training My New Foot Boy

Added: 11-07-2015

I just received these gorgeous Dior heels in Las Vegas, even though they have only been worn once, they can still be cleaned. I tell my foot boy that if he wants to serve there are some varioustraining exercises he must pass to please me. I instruct him to suck on my heel, he chokes it down. I then instruct him to lick the sides of my heels, he uses his tongue to make them shine. I then instruct him to lick the bottoms clean of any Las Vegas remittence, he completes this task joyfully. When I see he is getting turned on just by worshipping my heels I decide to toy with him. Bending over and exposing my tight round ass I command him to caress my soft legs and sniff my tight ass crack. Again, joyfully he steps up to the plate. Teased and blue balled I finally allow him to see my precious soles. He shakes like a leaf just staring at them. I tease him further, lightly rubbing them on is face demanding he smell as much as possible. I finally give him a face mask, his dick begins to drip, how easy he is to train. I instruct him to suck on my ankle, nibble on the ball of my foot, lick between my toes and of course lick my bare soles. He happily accepts every direction and is sure not to disappoint me, his true goddess. After all of his tasks are complete, my high heels and feet are super clean. I tell him he is not allowed to orgasm until I say and that will be after he cleans my entire apartment, his reward for serving.. there is no reward, being in my presence worshipping was the highlight of his life.


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