Taylor - Brat Girl Domination

Added: 11-07-2015

Taylor inspects her bedroom. Her step dad had to make her bed for her. Taylor is a complete spoiled brat and demands step daddy does her chores. She uses her step dads tongue to clean the bottoms of her dirty sneakers. In this clip she wipes her filthy sneaks on his tongue. If the step dad cannot get the dirt off of her sneakers and onto his tongue, she will make him buy her 3 more pairs. If not she will tell mom and he will be in trouble. Big trouble. Taylor easily dominates a man more than twice her age. Taylor knows that her step daddy loves her feet. This is how she controls him. She uses his foot fetish to control her step dad. She makes her step dad smell her socks. The step dad deeply inhales his step daughter’s socks. He is in heaven. She allows the step daddy to remove her socks with his mouth and shoves her toes in his face. Taylor lays on her stomach and texts her bff. She makes her step daddy worship her feet while she and her friend tell the step dad what they want at the mall. Taylor looks amazing in her tight shorts. The step dad is completely owned by her step daughter.


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