Real Estate Agent

Added: 14-07-2015

Real Estate Agent Katie is showing Renata and her husband round a new apartment. Renata loves it, especially the very modern kitchen and decides she wants it. She is shocked when Katie tells her the price and says they can't afford it but Katie looks confused and explains that she told her husband the price the other day when he came round with his sister. Renata looks very angry and explains that he doesn't have a sister! She is even more angry when she finds out the "sister" is an attractive, leggy blonde and realises he has been cheating on her. She tells Katie she will rent the apartment on the condition that she helps her teach her husband a lesson. The poor guy tries to get away but the girls hold him down and force him to strip naked. They then pull out some dildos and bend him on all fours so they can fuck him up the ass with them. The husband doesn't like it and tells them to stop but Renata is enjoying her revenge and fucks his ass harder and harder. The girls then make him lie on his back on the table so Katie can shove the dildo up his ass while Renata wanks his cock. He doesn't want to cum in this position but he can't help it and his cock explodes all over the place with Katie still pushing the dildo up his ass!

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