Can You Take It

Added: 18-07-2015

Paul has fancied Kimmy for ages but when he tells her he would do anything to fuck her, he wasn't expecting what she would say next. She challenged him that if he could take a hard ass-fucking from her and her two friends then she would let him screw her. Paul was so hot for Kimmy that he foolishly agreed and before he knew it the girls had dragged him inside and started ripping his clothes off. They got him on all fours and began taking turns to fuck him up the ass with large strapons as the poor guy squealed in pain. The girls just laughed as they knew he wouldn't be able to take it! Kimmy even rewards him by sitting on his face while Nikki and Stacy wank and suck his dick. But even this turns harsh as she face fucks him like her little pussy cleaner. The taste of her pussy seems to get him off though and he is soon emptying his balls with one of the girls' strapons still up his ass! As he lost control and came, he doesn't get to fuck Kimmy!

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