ClubStiletto - Princess Lily - Cucky Becomes A Toilet

Added: 22-07-2017

Princess Lily approaches the toilet where her cuckold husband waits. She asks if he heard her getting fucked in the next room. “My legs are just jello from getting fucked so hard” she says. She looks down at him and says it must be so hard being there, knowing he never gets to fuck her. “You must be so jealous of my big dicked boyfriend, fucking me so hard, making me cum” she purrs. She tells him she’s so full of his cum right now and she knows he likes pie, so she has a cream pie just for him. She sits down over top of him and the cum almost instantly starts to drip from her pussy onto his face, while a huge blob runs down his chin. The camera pans up, and as Lily touches herself, you can see the massive cum load her boyfriend gave her just minutes ago. As the cum drips down onto her hubby’s face, she tells him that her lover pleases her in ways he never could. Poor hubby; he just lies there, looking shell-shocked, letting the cum drip onto his face. The whole notion of having lovers while her husband is nothing but her clean-up boy and toilet gets her aroused all over again and she starts to play with herself in earnest.

She tells him that her stud also fucked her up the ass and because his dick is so big, she’s totally loose up there. “While I’m here, I might as well take care of some other business” she tells him, letting him know he will be her full toilet, and will consume whatever comes from her. She tells him to open his mouth for his feeding. The camera rolls over to give you an upward view of her pussy and ass from the slave’s perspective, so now you can actually imagine you’re Lily’s husband. “Now that you’ve had dinner, it’s time for your dessert” she says. Cum is the main course; her dump is your dessert. Revel in the amazing view of her asshole and pussy, as she tells you she knows you’ll accept anything that comes from her, whether it’s cum, piss, or $h1t. She tells you that she and her boyfriends laugh at you when they’re together, knowing she never fucks you and makes you eat from her pussy and ass. How pathetic are you? But look how hard you are! You can’t deny your purpose. “You’re the ultimate cuckold” she says. She mentions that she might invite the basketball team over again soon and you’ll be eating cum from all of them, because she loves taking multiple loads from a lineup of men. She sticks her fingers into her pussy to get more cum and brings it down to your mouth. “Before I take a dump in your mouth I want you to eat the rest of this cum” she orders you. “Lick it up, cucky; I think I’m ready to take a $h1t now.”

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