Clubstiletto - Miss Raevyn, Mistress Kandy, Princess Lily, Lady Bellatrix - Welcome to the Party, Toilet

Added: 19-11-2019
Clubstiletto - Miss Raevyn, Mistress Kandy, Princess Lily, Lady Bellatrix - Welcome to the Party, Toilet

Miss Raevyn, Mistress Kandy, Princess Lily, Lady Bellatrix all star in this hot piss POV. Miss Raevyn is first and she has to pee so bad she can’t even make it to the bathroom, plus she wants to pee on the floor because she wants to see you lick it all up. She removes her panties and squats and lets out a massive stream of hot piss. The pee starts to run across the floor and as she gets up and walks away she tells you to lick it all up. You’re barely done and Kandy hollers for you to get in the bathroom where she is sitting on the toilet. She slides her panties to the side but urinates so some of it goes onto the fabric as well, she knows guys all always eager to buy her soiled garments. She lets out a solid stream to and puts her hand in the stream and then into your mouth. “Lick it up little bitch” she tells you. Kandy is barely done and now Lily is squatting on the toilet with her feet on the toilet seat. She tells you to get your hand in there and to lick it up. Across the house in the dungeon Lady Bellatrix is now pissing on the floor. She has just started taking Vitamin B and the pee is really golden. She tells you to lay on the floor and she continues to pee this time all over and in you. Oops, she has to fart and as she lifts her leg she lets out a juicy wet fart. She tells you she is going out and she wants you to lay in her piss until she returns. Who knows who else might be coming by to use your eager toilet mouth. You’ve just graduated to party toilet, congratulations.

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