Brat Princess 2 - Lana Luxor - Trained to Provide Body Worship and Sexual Gratification (1080 HD)

Added: 18-03-2019

1080 HD Lana has captured a male and is about to sell him into slavery in her home country of Womanda. But first, she needs to train the slave to provide the sort of services the women in her country like. Women in Womanda love foot worship. Lana will need to train this slave to provide excellent foot worship and pedicures for women so that he will fetch a higher price for her. Lana is very strict with her slave training. She wants her capture to sell for the highest price possible. To Lana, the slave is nothing but a commodity. After training the slave to lick feet, she moves it to her armpit. He will need to provide this type of grooming to his owner in Womanda. Lana is displeased with his armpit grooming abilities, but she wants an orgasm. She throws the slave down on the bed and sits on its face. Lana uses the slave’s face to cum. This is the sort of treatment the slave will come to expect in its new life in Womanda. The slave dreads his arrival. Lana tells him that once he gets to her home country, surgery will be performed to remove his teeth and lengthen his tongue. This is so that his mouth will provide better sexual pleasure for his owner.

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