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Added: 18-01-2021

Miss Madison is relaxing on her chaise lounge having just come in from outdoors where it is a sweltering hot day. “I sure worked up a sweat today” she says as the camera runs up from her moist feet to wet shirt (umm umm, those nipples) and then her armpits. They are literally dripping wet. “I know who wants to lick these up” she says, calling her slave to her. “I have two sweaty armpits here for you to lick up” she tells him. He sets his tongue on the pit and she tells him to be sure to go up and down the pit onto the arm because she is wet everywhere. She asks him if he likes her sweat and if it tastes good and laughs when he says he does. These creatures so often amuse her with their simple pleasures. She tells him she expects that taste to stay in his mouth all night long even after he has gone home to his girlfriend. “You can give her some nice deep kisses” she tells him. Hopefully she finds him repulsive. She then adds “Unless I decide to piss in your mouth as well, or who knows what else I might use that mouth for.” She looks at you and says “This bitch loves being my full toilet.” Any part of her he can get keeps him aroused, obedient and loyal. The armpits are just a warm up!
Now Miss Madison calls you over to lick the other armpit so now you get a nice clear view of her pit and nipple with no slave head to block your view. Goddess works out regularly and her arms are strong and defined. Meanwhile the other slave continues to lick and lick and lick getting every bit of flavor he can. She sends him around to the other bit now, he’ll lick up after you. She comments how wet her t-shirt is and says that’s as close as he’ll get to seeing her tits. Now he is told to kiss his armpits as if kissing his girlfriend and wow it appears he must really be passionate with her although we have our doubts, the state of his breath and all. “Does your girlfriend ever ask you why your breath is so bad?” she asks him and then laughs adding “She probably doesn’t understand why you don’t want to brush your teeth either.”
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