American Mean Girls - Miss Lexi Chase - Dum Dum Ashtray

Added: 15-05-2022

Miss Chase is bundled up in her nice warm fur coat, while a slave is kneeling before her, naked and cold on a chilly windy day. She decides to use it's mouth as her personal ashtray and spittoon. These slaves are grateful for ANYTHING from Miss Chase- even the ashes from her cigarettes. In fact, at one point Miss Chase can't help but laugh as she makes the loser literally BEG just for her discarded ashes!!! She spits right in its face. She discards her chewed-up gum into it's mouth. She knows she is so beautiful that she can do ANYTHING she wants to idiots like this and they will gladly put up with it.
She likes to make the slave just hold its tongue out and spread wide, in the "ashtray position" that she taught it. It is so humiliating for the slave. Miss Chase just casually smokes her cigarette while the slave kneels naked before her, with his tongue held out like a fool for her to use as her personal ashtray.
Miss Chase even stubs her cigarette out on the slave's tongue, and discards it into his open mouth to swallow for her...slaves mean nothig to Miss Lexi Chase.
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