American Mean Girls - Queen Quenzi, Duchess Danni - No Ash Left Behind

Added: 25-05-2018

Queen Quenzi and Duchess Danni are two of the newest Mean Girls. They are quickly learning to use the slaves in any way they want. Today they have a slave serving as their human ashtray. The slave is lying naked on the cement beneath them as Queen Quenzi and Duchess Danni take a cigarette break and flick their ashes onto the slave’s chest and blow smoke right into his face. Whenever any ashes fall on their boots or on the ground the slave has to lick it up. After a while they decide to start depositing their ashes directly into the slave’s mouth. The slave is commanded to open his mouth as they ash on his tongue and make him swallow it while they watch. They enjoy the sizzling sound the ash makes when it hits the slaves tongue. Queen Quenzi comes up with the idea to tap their cigarettes against the slave’s teeth. Queen Quenzi explains that moisture on the slaves tongue can put the ash out but if you tap it properly against his teeth the hot ash will fall right down his throat! It’s so great to see two of the newest and youngest Mean Girls eagerly using a slave like this and abusing him with no regard for his wellbeing.

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