Goddess Mena - Politically Incorrect

Added: 04-07-2018

When Dommes Mena learns that a local politician is investigating her Domme activities in the hopes of “taking her down”, she decides to pay him a personal visit. Dressed in a skin tight red latex mini dress n stiletto heels, Mena takes little time in effortlessly reducing him to yet another mindless sheep willing to do anything to serve this magnificent Asian Goddess.

This particular fool exposes his weakness for long legs and high heel shoes, and that is all Mena needs to set his path to slavery in motion. In mere seconds, she has him falling to his knees to light her cigarette, as she ignores his overzealous efforts. She mockingly blows her second hand smoke into his face, as she instructs him to clarify the charges against her.

This man may be a powerful big shot politician, but in Dommes Mena’s eyes, the bigger they`re, the harder they fall. And this one shall be no exception. And so she enslaves him to her gorgeous legs and gleaming red stilettos, ordering him to kiss and lick her shoes as she ponders the many benefits of having this once important politician as her weak willed pet. Once a servant to the public, now he will only serve Goddess Mena

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