Mistress Courtney – Dirty Butt Boy (1080 HD) – Human Ashtray – Humiliation, Smoking

Added: 07-06-2020

My slave is doing some cleaning for Me in My kitchen. he loves to watch Me smoke and is My resident ashtray. I send him off to get My beautiful, expensive black clove cigarettes which are imported (obviously) but he bring me his cigarettes which is an empty box with a load of disgusting butts in it! Stupid slave! he can never do anything right!

Disgusting slave … I spit on him and make him light My proper cigarettes. Humiliating him and teasing him. he will be made to inhale My smoke and eat My ash. I want his tongue to sizzle as the ash hits it. I spit on him some more and it misses his mouth. How dare he miss My precious spit, he must lick every last drop, not waste it. I stand on the spit with My high heels and make him clean the bottom of them, licking spit and ash from them.

I finish My cigarette, ashing on his tongue. I then pick up the box of butts, lets make him regret handing Me the wrong box. I stuff his mouth with the butts, laughing at his face, the smell is putrid! he is after all My ashtray and he will always be My filthy little butt boy. I leave him with the end of My cigarette and he is allowed to spit the butts on to the floor but he must clean it up of course!

Cigarette, Courtney, Degradation, Female Domination, Femdom, Human Ashtray, Humiliation, Mistress, Mistress Courtney, Smoke, Smoking

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