Reality Girls Scissors - Amadahy Vs Her Slave

Added: 19-01-2022

Goddess Amadahy, the 21-year-old squeeze superstar, starts action with her feet in Ginger's face, then cranking on straight headscissors that put her to rest -- hard. A hold follows in which Amadahy applies just enough pressure to keep her victim awake and suffering until she goes again. Ginger gets called out for not taking enough by the skinny camera boy, who doubles as the Hollywood beauty's slave -- so he gets his ass kicked for most of the action. Reverse headscissors swallow his head, front headscissors make him choke and unable to hear her verbal punishment. The young Amadahy face humps the guy, the slaps back on her world-class headscissors that can destroy lives at anything close to full power. Bodyscissors, long taunting headscissors. "It's impossible" he says at one point trying to escape her headscissors. She shoves her feet in his face then gets him in a perfect rear naked choke making him answer what he likes best about her hurting him. Flying headscissors into a brutal ground offense against the tiny guy who goes out again -- she makes him wrestle her and gets mad that he taps before she can lock on a front choke. His punishment -- she tells him to "open your mouth" and spits in it! The Goddess asks new cameraperson Ginger "shall I pop his head off?"" and asks him who is laughing now as she refuses to let go of a hold that makes him choke and snort, napping in her python grip.

File Name : 11___Reality Girls Scissors - Amadahy Vs Her Slave
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