Bianca Blance - Pole Dance Neck Massage

Added: 09-04-2022

Get ready to be blown away! Bianca never ceases to amaze us. Check out this latest clip that she filmed exclusively for us. It starts with some of the most impressive and sexiest pole dancing, showing off her amazing muscles. Her strength and control is beyond words and you can only imagine the type of damage that she can do with those legs. Watch as she gracefully transitions from a sexy dance to scissor mayhem. She pulls his neck in between her thighs and constricts it all while still hanging onto the pole. It's simply amazing! This is just the first half of the video. Next, we step into her massage room where she places him on her table. She seduces him and rides his neck with her crotch and then sticks him in a extremely tight front headscissor. Her leg muscles explode and are so defined. What comes next will remind you why Bianca is one of the best. She turns around and sticks him in a very sexy and tight reverse headscissor. She also mixes in a bit of facesitting and more sensual teasing whenever she pleases. This video shocked the hell out of us and we're sure you'll feel the same. Do you think you can handle this kind of brutality? Bianca is waiting.
This video includes Schoolgirl Pin, Facesitting, Bodyscissors, Front & Reverse Headscissors!
mp4 | 1920*1080 | 682,48 MB | 00:11:28


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