Scissorvixens - Cindy Hunteress - Scissor Magic (HD)

Added: 04-03-2017

When we first featured this video several years ago it became an INSTANT CLASSIC not only because it featured one of the most powerful and lethal pair of thighs on the planet but because of the two REAL SCISSOR KNOCKOUTS Cindy produced during the shoot! The first knockout happened while taking pictures and it was a standing head scissors from within the cage (one of the props we used for the video). That was first sign that the next 30 minutes were going to be full of terror and pure scissor hell for Kandor during the video portion of the shoot!

Very few girls in the business were able combine the level of sensuality and a genuinely dominant personality quite like Cindy Huntress! And the SECOND REAL SCISSOR KNOCKOUT captured on video during the filming of 'Scissor Magic' illustrates this to perfection!

The knockout scene begins at the 24min:38 sec mark where Cindy is dominantly standing over Kandor while he's lying on his back. Then Cindy goes to work as she slowly descends while straddling his neck between her powerful thighs. But before she closes the vise around his skull she reaches back and pulls his head up as far as it can go and then works in a reverse figure-4. At this point it's obvious Cindy is just toying with Kandor as she slowly rocks her figure-4 from 'side to side' before reaching back and grabbing her heel to finally lock him in tight! Now Cindy is practically suffocating him as his mouth and nose are smothered by her powerful legs and glutes as she asks him..."You like this...don't you!?". The only problem for Kandor is he's barely able to respond or even talk although he does manage to answer her by saying "No".

And that's when Cindy decides it's time to go for the KILL! Watch as Cindy untangles her figure-4 and straightens her thighs finally locking him up in a straight reverse head scissors! Anyone who has watched Cindy in action before or who has been caught in this position knows you are at the complete mercy of Cindy and there's not a damn thing you can do to escape. Your only hope is that Cindy exercises some mercy but for whatever reason Cindy decides to show none and knock Kandor out cold!

Within a second or two after straightening her thighs Kandor begins to panic and starts to scream in genuine fear for his life! This is quickly followed by frantic tapping on the side of Cindy's powerful quads while Kandor pleads..."Please! Please!...". Watch as Cindy simply ignores him all the while keeping the knockout pressure on! A second later Kandor goes limp as his elbows first hit the floor followed by his arms and his usual knockout snorting. Then watch as Cindy slowly and carefully releases the pressure in order to gently lay his head on the floor much in the way a mother would while putting a sleeping child to bed. As Kandor continues snorting along with some minor twitching of his arms and body Cindy shows us her compassionate side sitting down beside his head while gently rubbing his chest and face saying..."Ooohhhh...I'm so sorry...I didn't mean to hurt you...". The knockout scene finally concludes at the 26min:4sec. mark.

It's at this point that we take a 'ScissorVixen Knockout Intermission' to allow Kandor time to shake off the effects of falling victim to Cindy's powerful thighs before continuing with the video. Now you would think that after Cindy knocks poor Kandor out she'd take it easy on him the rest of the way but forget about it! Cindy goes right back to her usual dominant self DESTROYING Kandor in a few more murderous scissor holds for the remaining 4 minutes of the 30 minute video!

So here it is again, this time as it should, be in High Definition along with the rest of this classic Cindy Huntress ScissorVixen video titled 'Scissor Magic'!

File Name : 11___CindyHuntrgic
Format: Windows Media
File Size : 658 MB
Duration: 00:30:17
Video: VC-1, 1280 x 720, 29.970 FPS, 3000 kb/s
Audio: WMA, 1 channel, 48.0 kb/s


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