Scissorvixens - Laci Star - 'Laci the 'Boy Beater!'

Added: 22-04-2017

Long-legged Laci Star returns to and teaches him what a REAL BEATING is like!

Drew likes to wear his wife-beater t-shirts because he thinks he's tough and because he likes to mistreat his wife for little to no reason.

So when his wife calls her good friend Laci Star complaining about Drew's latest outburst Laci puts on her 'Boy Beater' t-shirt and invites herself over to teach Drew what a REAL BEATING is like!

Laci Star has very long and very lean legs and as she points out in the video...she works out quite a bit to keep her body and legs STRONG!

She pushes her way into Drew's house, wraps her lethal legs around his neck and proceeds to teach the moron a lesson he won't soon forget saying..."You like to wear wife-beaters huh...? Can you read what my shirt says!?...Well I'm here to BEAT YOU UP!".

Then Laci nearly pulls his arms out of their shoulder sockets in a lotus hold telling him..."You're going to learn a thing or two today!".

And during a sexy school-girl pin with her full weight and crotch sitting on his throat she says..."Now you're going to see what it's like to get your ASS BEAT!".

Needless to say Laci has more than enough attitude to match her looooong legs in administering the beating of a lifetime to Drew!

So check out SEXY Laci Star in her ScissorVixens video titled 'Laci the 'Boy Beater'!'.

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