Brat Princess - Alexa, Amadahy, Natalia - New Hire Trained to Tease for Pre Cum Extraction Only

Added: 29-10-2017

1080 HD It’s Natalya’s 1st day in the Brat Princess Pre-cum collection warehouse. Amadahy n Alexa are the experienced teasers on staff. They`ve been dealing with a big issue all morning, the software is glitching. Natalya enters and the first thing she sees is the cow on the bench screaming in agony. The program has been shocking it, uninterrupted, for several minutes. Amidst the chaos, Amadahy explains to Natalya how the program works and what her role will be as a teaser. She explains that their work involves extracting for pre-cum collection only. The teasers job is to keep the cow right on edge, but never allow it to cum. An orgasm would ruin the whole batch of collected pre-cum. The teasers are very financially motivated. The more pre-cum they collect from a cow, the more money they earn. The cow loves being held underneath Natalya’s butt. A new teaser is very exciting for it. The glitch is eventually resolved and the cow is back on track for a decently productive day. All 3 teasers take turns teasing the cow. Amadahy explains how the milking machine can be used to train a cow into having multiple fetishes. Pre-existing kinks can be used to create new ones through brain reprogramming. All cows start with some fetishes, but are programmed to have many. The more fetishes a cow has, the easier it is to motivate and manipulate. Natalya gets called away from her orientation, and Sasha replaces her in the milking room. It’s known that Sasha especially dislikes andy. He is never happy to see her. Sasha pokes at Andy’s testicles, which are sore from being electrocuted all day. She laughs as Andy winces.

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