Amadahy - “I’ll Show You Mean” Clear Hd Knockouts!

Added: 11-02-2018

Wearing a see-through bodysuit, 22-year-old Goddess Amadahy hurts Thin Man in some of her most stunningly cruel action on the ground. The 2 throw each other around, Amadahy’s head bouncing off a door as they fall back together and she clamps her athletic body around him. “I don’t even know why you are trying” she says, crushing his voice box in throatscissors. Her outfit is so slight it appears his head is being clamped down on by her bare ass. “I am gonna make you cry; you know that right?” she says and a straight headscissors tightens on his neck. The superstar domme’s infamous headscissors swallow him. Thin Man is a tough bastard to take what he takes here without tapping more, at least near the start. An armbar. “I am gonna break your arm” she says n panics him, making him tell her she’s hot, which, because he hates being told what to do, he resists. In fact he tells her to stop and gets told off by the girl with the health of his arm in her hands. She makes him eat her ass in a reverse facesit, taunting him that he can’t breathe and about her ass cheeks being sweaty. His head is almost gone in the Godesses’ wonderous ass. a two-hand face smother highlights that even her hands are pretty on this pricelessly hot girl. He starts tapping and often as a barrage of long, straight headscissors starts. Amadahy’s headscissors are as good as anyone’s and here Thin Man is scared and his taps become violent. She violently rubs her feet in his face then hurts his neck in another headscissors. She tells him she will put him to bed with her pussy as she pushes down on a front facesit. She wants everything she does to him to cause him pain. Reverse headscissors make him squeal – more ass smothers, and then Amadahy’s peerless figure four headscissors/facesit hold, in which she tells him “I feel like I am just gonna pop your head off.” Amadahy is painfully cruel applying her figure-4, one of the few girls who uses the hold to roll her weight on opponents’ necks and dangerously crane their necks with the pressure of her perfect 125 pounds. Thin Man can only paw at her calf muscle that is jammed under his chin and hope for the best as he screams. She taunts him as he is focused on survival. She loves the fight n keeps it clamped on until straightening her long pythons back out, snapping it out. In a classic Amadahy moment she whispers a taunt and when he tells her it’s mean she tells him she will show him mean, clamping her arms down on his neck. You can see her forearms flex through her the revealing bodysuit, and then he is asleep, but he’s not done. Amadahy attacks him with a long straight headscissors n refuses to let him go. But the tough guy won’t go out in her legs, so it’s back in her arms he goes – asleep as she flexes over him, every muscle showing underneath her suit. “I win,” she tells him while he’s still convulsing.

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