ScissorVixens - Maia Evon - SVDL-1214 - Maia’s Bedroom Beating

Added: 04-05-2018

As with many of our gorgeous ScissorVixens…don’t be fooled my Maia Evon’s BEAUTIFUL looks!
We 1st saw Maia Evon during Fetcon 2017 and although she certainly caught our eye, as she did many others, we weren’t sure if she had what it took to crush a few male heads between her thighs.
Sure, she comes across as very sweet n innocent, and in many ways…she is, but she definitely has no problem finding her aggressive side and administering a good old fashioned scissor beating!
And when u give her a good reason to want to snap your neck in half between her thighs…well…you gotta feel sorry for the guy absorbing all that scissor-rage!
Watch what happens after Maia finds a wad of one-dollar bills stuffed in her boyfriend’s pocket knowing the only reason he’d have them is to toss them at naked strippers the night before!
Maia slips into a sexy black thong n sports bra and can’t wait for him to return home so her ‘Bedroom BEATING’ can begin!
When he arrives, he tries to pass the blame onto his boss claiming it was his idea to visit the strip club but Maia isn’t buying it and pulls his head into the 1st of many eye-popping scissor holds all the while verbally scolding him for good measure!
Maia has one of the BEST asses we’ve ever seen and it’s on full display in several sexy but brutal reverse head scissors and gr@pevines!
Of course there are rib-busting body scissors, humiliating school-girl pins and across-the-throat neck scissors that nearly decapitate him!
After this vicious Bedroom BEATING…the only place he will be spending his money is in the emergency room and of course his girlfriend, Maia Evon!
So check out GORGEOUS Maia Evon in her debut ScissorVixen video titled ‘Maia’s Bedroom BEATING!’.

File Name : 11___MAIA_S_BEDROG
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Duration: 00:20:40
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