The Queendom - Madam Jada - Ass for Days P4

Added: 25-08-2018

Recently Madam Jada and The Queendom smother slave, let’s call him Mr. Ass, filmed an actual smother marathon. The marathon started at the end of a regular shoot, so Mr. Ass had already been smothered and crushed for a few hours, but Jada was just getting warmed up! The goal for the marathon was simple: Madam Jada would sit on and smother the slave until SHE was tired! To keep things interesting Jada took several requests from fans who helped contribute to keep the marathon going longer. As a result the marathon lasted for 7 hours! During those 7 hours Jada was ruthless about smothering Mr. Ass. She would only stop sitting on him long enough to change outfits, move him to another spot, or the occasional camera battery changes. The result is hours of real, candid chest and facesitting videos!

All of the custom marathon custom requests are finished and Madam Jada is ready to kick back and relax for awhile, but that doesn’t mean Mr. Ass is getting a break! Instead Jada has him trapped in the smotherbox! For the next 20 or so minutes Mr. Ass’s face is completely buried under Jada’s magnificent rear end. With his head encased in the smotherbox and his entire face smothered deep between Madam Jada’s cheeks Mr. Ass begins feeling the effects of sensory deprivation, with nothing else to focus on except the feel of Jada’s big, soft cheeks all around him. “You must like it under there, ” Jada says, noticing how calm Mr. Ass seems to be as he suffocates. Of course, that calm, tranquil feeling that he feels in his little world of ass only lasts until the air in his lungs begins to run out. Eventually the need to breathe is all he can think about, but thanks to the smotherbox and Jada’s massive ass, there’s nothing he can do. “I’m gonna forget you,” Jada says after doing exactly that, ” You better make some noise or something!” Over and over again the cycle repeats as Jada relaxes comfortably and Mr. Ass suffocates to the point of desperation. The marathon is far from over though…

File Name : 11___The_Queendom_Ass_for_2
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Duration: 00:21:29
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