Reality Girls Scissors - Two Headed Scissor - 1080 HD

Added: 11-10-2019

Madison is already one of the strongest Reality Girls and here explores more the love of her power as she headscissors the thin and tiny heads of Thin man and the pea-headed cutie Dani. It’s like headscissoring one Charles but with a thinner neck. A single look from the evil Madison — the evil that appears and lasts as she has people in her overwhelming submissions and fades thereafter. She is a stunnigly beautiful, caring and cruel girl. We love her. Madison moves Dani from deep in her pelvis to Thin Man there, and Dani lower. Her headscissor form is still incredible and watching the muscle control and strength she displays is remarkable. They turn each purple. One of the hottest girls in Florida controls both their fates — in one headscissors. Watching her is like spinning in front of the TV; she has so much grace and youth and pure beauty that you get a bit unwell and shake as a unwavering admirer of the traits. Long, punishing front headscissors; their heads forced toghter tightly. Madison moves them to the floor beneath her spot on the couch, scissors Thin and rear naked chokes Dani. Dani turns purple. Thin Man is left for Madison’s long legs to stretch out — and even he needs a break as his jaw almost breaks in her straight headscissors. She’s that strong. Her sweetness inspires her to call for the break for the shaking and dropped and weak fallen around her. But Maddy just goes back to humiliating them and hurting them with their heads clamped together in a front headscissors. Madison discovers she “Can choose who I wanna choke” — or she already knew — but she looks the brightest of lights hurting Thin with her adductors and Dani just above her knees. Pure joy from Maddy. She makes them play a game — who gets the worst of the power. Hokey Pokey turns into them just getting fucking punished and humiliated. “You guys are pathetic,” she says. Her headscissors push Dani’s face into Thin man’s slick hair and make her miserable. Madison clamps down. “Switch,” she says. She tells them to shutup, that she can’t stand their everlasting chatter. She’s so smart. She’s says whoever makes the first noise, then changes to who taps first, gets rear naked choked. She has them in near silence in deep pain. Dani taps first but Maddy gives her time to “be a pussy” and puts her front headscissors on Thin Man. Madison has one of the best front headscissors anywhere. Her legs were created to apply the hold. She almost takes everything out of Thin man and asks Dani is she’s OK. She really wants to know if she’s ready for her reverse headscissors. She locks it on and taunts her. She refuses to release the hold and has Dani almost gone to the world, barley moving but awake. She forces both of them back in her legs. She orders people to do things with ease, threatens them with ease. You cannot look away from her face. How did print modeling let her escape? She continues to punish both in her front headscissors. She makes them high-five each other and say “Madison is kicking our ass” and has them talk about how many times she put them out on this night. Her legs take all energy from them. She smiles down at them and pours on the power, laughing. She makes them guess her favorite color — powering the hold on — then, her favorite song. She’s squeezing so hard it’s not clear they could be understood. But it’s not working. She pours on the side headscissors. Their necks and heads are purple and they are desperate. Then, the answer: “You know what’s really funny? I don’t have a favorite song. That was a fun game,” she says. Madison pours on the power, she’s sick of games and says “Shutup; shutup; both of you stop talking.” She mocks their eyes glazing over and asks “What do I look like to you?” She, for a few moments, just hurts Thin Man with her adductors and makes him tap while Dani, still trapped, is relativley safe. Then Madison pulls Thin Man up alone in her front headscissors from hell, putting him to rest facing an angel. Her reaction at the end is almost close to nearly as pricless as she is beautiful.

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