ClubStiletto - Mistress Damazonia - This is your Place

Added: 16-02-2020

Mistress Damazonia towers over her slave who is locked in her trample floor. She laughs seeing how nervous the slave appears to be. “I’m going to crush you” she tells her victim. She steps on his face and chest and moves back and forth and the slave groans as he absorbs all her weight. She then rams her heel down his throat causing him to gag. Next, she sits down on the box, her ass square on his face and then moves her legs up and down punishing his balls in the process. After making the slave kick for air, she raises her legs up to the ceiling to give him a quick breath… and you an amazing view. She now uses her boots to kick his balls harder. Then she is back on her feet rubbing her soles over his mouth and then stepping on his head. “Tell me this is your place” she tells him and he replies “This in my place, Mistress.”

She walks between his legs and starts to kick his balls. One of his nuts pops out of his shorts so she kicks at it and pushes it back into place with her piercing heel. Then she gets on the box and while leaning against the wall uses her leg like a chopping device, bringing her boot down on his battered testicles again and again. Damazonia loves a slaves pain and does not go easy on this one. She goes back between his legs and sees that the nut has popped out again so this time she deals with it by punching and kicking it. Back on the box to have him kiss her soles, then she spits into his mouth and onto his face. “You’re going to stay locked up in that box while I go for lunch” she tells him, adding “but before I go I’m going to give you something to think about.” She spreads his legs and lands four hard blows that have him moaning in agony as she walks from the room. So cold, so cruel!

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