ClubStiletto - Lady Bellatrix - What’s your day been like?

Added: 02-05-2020

Lady Bellatrix walks into the bedroom to find her slave right where she left him, with a boot wedged in his mouth. She checks for teeth marks and when she’s satisfied that he didn’t fuck up her good boots, she tells him all about her workout and how hot her personal trainer is. “I’m going to try to fuck him next time,” she says. She tells the slave that what she’s wearing now is the outfit she wore for the workout and that she’ll be fucking the trainer a lot… and him, never.

She lifts his head off the bed and slides in behind him, all the better to wrap her legs around his neck. Her workouts have made her legs super strong and she wants to demonstrate to the slave just how powerful she is. “My trainer will have his face between my legs soon, also; just not like this,” she says to him. Bellatrix scissors the slave and controls his breathing by covering his mouth and pinching his nose. When the slave is clearly out of it as a result of being harshly worked over, Bellatrix asks him, “So, what’s your day been like?” She quickly instructs him not to answer, however, because she just doesn’t care. Her thoughts are solely of her trainer, who is coming over for some super hot action on the bed… while the slave lies bound beneath it.

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