Brat Princess 2 - Mistress Kawaii - Shrinks A Man So That She Can Eat Him

Added: 27-10-2020

Mistress has been giving slave a shrinking potion. He is getting smaller and smaller! Everyday Mistress sits on slave face so that she can feel his little body shrinking. She loves to feel his face going deeper and deeper into her ass. Once he is small enough, she will have him climb inside her ass crack and between her breasts. This potion works gradually. Right now, slave is only about 20% smaller than he was, but in a few weeks, he will be small enough to be eaten in one bite. Mistress likes to tease her shrunken slaves with her giant body before eating them. slave struggles to breathe as he is smothered with Mistress big breasts. Mistress reveals to slave her plan to eat him after teasing him. She can’t wait to crunch his little bones with her teeth. slave is terrified but cannot fight because even at a 20% reduction in size he is too small and weak to oppose her. Mistress likes how the fear and facesitting helps to season him with his own salt. He is going to be so tasty!

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