Scissor Vixens - Lilly Ice - Mauled By The Animal's THIGHS!

Added: 21-12-2020

Lilly Ice, also known as ‘The Animal’, returns to ScissorVixens to give Drew what can only be described as an absolute SCISSOR MAULING!
Her muscular thighs bulge with pure power as she CRUSHES and TORTURES him in every way possible while reminding him a few times that she could easily end his life if she wanted to!
And once you see what she does to Drew in the first few scissors holds…you will not question her ability to do just that if she so chooses and there wouldn’t be a damn thing poor Drew could do to stop her!
The way Lilly Ice plays to the camera with her sexy, seductive gazes while licking her lips in near ecstasy as Drew is mercilessly CRUSHED over and over again!
She tells him how she can feel the pulse in his neck between her thighs and tells him this is why she has such STRONG THIGHS…to dominate men like him!
She sadistically administers jaw-breaking scissor snaps followed by more eye-popping pressure from her powerful inner-thighs!
Drew has felt the powerful squeeze of nearly 600 women (at the time of this video) and has felt some scary reverse head scissors from the best out there.
Lilly Ice earns her spot with the best of the best as her final reverse head scissor leaves Drew thinking it was gonna be LIGHTS OUT if he tries to ride it out!
Feeling Lilly’s reverse only getting tighter and tighter…he wisely taps-out!
No doubt…Lilly Ice, aka ‘The Animal’, was built for this and anyone caught between her thighs will truly be MAULED beyond your limits!
Don’t miss Lilly Ice in ‘Mauled by The Animal’s THIGHS!’.
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