Reality Girls Scissors - Andi Page, Gianna - Team Violence

Added: 17-01-2021

Andi yanks Thin Man to her in the wrestling ring and shows off her rear naked choke to Gianna, the powerhouse pretty girl who hates Thin Man and awaits his . Andi locks on a standing headscissors then turns him over to Gianna with the rock-hard quads, long legs and big smile. Andi yells what a fan yelled with Casey at the bat when the umpire said "Strike One!" Gianna would take the cheer literally were they anywhere else. Each time she sees Thin Man she tries to take his head off, or so it appears. Her legs are overwhelmingly strong. She locks out brutal straight headscissors, boxes his ear with her knee and locks them right back on with effortless and abundant leg strength. Cheers from those gathered ringside as he taps wildly her rock-hard quad. She taunts him that he can't take her headscissors, pulls him up by the hair and locks him in a standing headscissors clinging to the ring ropes, adding a double chicken wing for pain. She bends him like a pretzel and taunts him as he moans in pain. Andi returns with her Casey chant and Gianna makes his neck "Pop!" like the sound of the catcher's mitt when Casey let pass strike two. They kick him while he's down and circle him. Andi climbs atop his back and puts him in a double wristlock. Andi facesits him as Gianna butt drops him and pins him and titty twists him. With her strength, she can multitask a lot. Andi plants both her feet on his face and stands. The cameraman whispers a rare word here, asking Andi to show Gianna her calf choke. There isn't much worse than a dude yapping through any part of action featuring girls, a little like the toadish umpire pushing Casey from the box and standing at the plate as the crowd spits at him. Anyway, here on this rare occasion it's worth it, as Andi gets to say "I have huge calves" and Gianna gets to praise them, and Thin Man yelps like a vacuum sucking up a sock. It's that he must have been that vacuum here at some point, unless it was Charles or Chad or Strung or Brad ... was there even a "Brad?" Someone shoved a sock in someone's mouth one of these many years. Thin Man jerks and shakes as the camera bows to Gianna's calves. She crushes him in them before Andi plants him face-first to the mat in a rear naked choke. Gianna smiles her beautiful smile and calls him a "Pussy" from the ropes. Like a continuing feeding frenzy, they go at Thin Man's throat. Gianna flattens him in a rear naked choke and he falls at their feet. Andi tells her "He's at your feet; you can do whatever." She stomps on him with her own big feet as Andi squeals a cheer when the air leaves him, Gianna jumping on him as her fan voices her pleasure. They talk casually about breaking his ribs -- the upsides and downsides. Andi's brutal Japanese hold is repeated by Gianna -- and now they double team him. Andi -- looking fucking incredible in daisy dukes -- applies one of the more brutal reverse headlocks ever as Gianna bodyscissors him -- the bony bastard suspended in pain. Gianna's figure four bodyscissors -- even her big calf muscle alone over his ribs makes him scream. HOM as she has him wrapped up and yelling, muffled in pain from her figure-four bodyscissors. Andi shows off her infamous double-heel choke -- but reversed. he begs; she holds the rope and drives it down. Gianna calls it ballet, says "I can't bend like that" so steps on his throat. She wipes her feet on his face and taunts him as Andi says "I vote for headscissors by you; let's see those legs!" And we see and hear their effect. Her developed quads and her cruelty and the pressure from a textbook straight headscissors all have him screaming as she taunts him still. Gianna's reverse headscissors in which he yells again and she asks Andi, who is laughing beside her "Will you shut his mouth?" She does with her big hands as muffled again go his screams. More torturous scissors, more tapping their granite-strong legs, more screaming, more cruelty from one of the hottest and meanest tag teams around, each of whom outweigh and outmuscle the guy they here leave a mess in the ring.

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