Mistress Iside - Hard Scissors In The Bedroom

Added: 22-01-2021

Dear Mistress Iside, I have been a faithful admirer of yours since a long time and also a frequent visitor of your beautiful store. Your clips are beautiful and often entertain me in the evening. But I don’t want to waste your time and I come straight to the point: I would like a custom video with the following plot. You are dressed in an elegant and sexy outfit and take home your boyfriend, whom you met in a disco in the same evening (I would prefer a young and handsome boy, since I also have a fetish for the male beauty). You both enter your bedroom, where you start seducing and undress the boy; he is clearly excited and is looking forward to have sex with you but his expectations are going to be disappointed. You have different plans for the evening but your boyfriend will realize it only when it’s too late. You have stripped him and, now, you are over him; you grab his neck with your beautiful long legs and start stranggle his neck, as only you can do. The boy starts choking and begs for mercy, but it’s too late, there is no escape for him. I would like you to change various positions and see different shots of the suffering face of the boy, whose neck is visibly stranggled. Sure that you won’t disappoint my expectations, I wish you a good evening and look forward receiving your clip; a kiss to your beautiful, strong legs.
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