Domina Planet - Ravyn Alexa, Mistress Destiny - Your Name Is Double Yoga Mat - Smothering

Added: 15-07-2021

Miss Ravyn Alexa is mentoring 18 Year-Old Mistress Destiny, and they've just returned to the dungeon after a grueling workout. Both clad just in sports bras and yoga pants, showing off their spectacular bodies to a sensory-deprived slave who has a blinding hood on but who's head is also in bondage via a head strap that is chained to its cuffs under the black leather mat they have the slave splayed out on. As they walk in, Mistress Destiny tells Miss Ravyn she's tired and wants to relax, Ravyn replies:

"Let's use this...thing. We can use it to stretch out on and cool down, to relax, even lick the sweat off our bodies. A slave is a utility - it's whatever You, A Superior Goddess, wants an inferior male slave to be. Let Me show You."

Miss Ravyn puts both legs on either side of the slaves head, and slowly lowers Her perfect ass onto the slaves helplessly immobilized face and head. Her sumptuous ass cheeks bulging out and over the head of the slave, engulfing him in yoga pant-covered female ass. His air is obviously cut off, as She puts Her full wieght onto the slaves face as She touches Her toes. The slave doesn't utter a peep, knowing that any expression of humanity will be ruthlessly caned out of him.

"When my pussy gets really sweaty, I like to do this"

She turns around and hikes up Her yoga pants to give Herself a camel toe, mashing Her sweaty yoga pants-covered pussy into the slave face, cutting off his oxygen yet again.

When Mistress Destiny sits on the slave, She faces the other way, mashing Her yoga-pant covered pussy into the slaves face. She starts grinding it into him, obviously enjoying the control She has over the slaves breath and life. The two take turns trying different stretches when it dawns on Mistress Destiny:

"It's too bad We only have one slave to split. Hey, could we both use it together?"

Miss Ravyn of course loves the idea, so they both climb onto the slave, Ravyn doing the splits over the slave face. Mistress Destiny and Ravyn switch and Destiny gets even more aggressive with Her big beautiful ass - pushing the slave head deeper inside. Mistress Destiny says:

"I love the feeling of him screaming into my pussy and his struggling for air. It's making me soaking wet!"

Mistress Destiny notices that the slave has stopped responding and tells Ravyn with some alarm:

"I think it's blacked out!"

"That's ok, You don't have to get up. Just give it some air and when its back to breathing You can start smothering it again."

Finally, the slave appears to black out again and two get tired of the little game:

"Let's go get a drink, this isn't as much fun when its not suffering"


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