Mistress Trish - Banned in Britain

Added: 03-05-2018

"Someone has been a very naughty boy passing stupid laws in the UK," Mistress Trish smirks, "and he's about to get a proper British caning." "That's outlawed. You're going to me," protests the poor unfortunate soul who is tied down to her spanking bench. "I know," Trish agrees as she winds up her enormous cane for the first strike of "six of her best" proper regulation British caning. She pulls back, swings, and taps the bottom's ass in the most anticlimactic fashion possible. In the way that is now, sadly, a British caning. He wails in response to the tap of Trish's cane as she pulls back to give him the next wimpy tap on the ass with her cane. Six strikes later and the bottom is whining, "this is so extreme, I can't take this, I'll be lucky is I live." "I know," Trish smirks in response, "and that's not all I'm going to do to you. I'm going to mercilessly face sit you." "What?" pleads the bottom. "Yes, I might end up you. I've heard that face sitting is potentially lethal in the UK," Trish informs him. "You're kidding me, no, no, save me somebody," the bottom pleads again. Sadly for him the merciless face sitting will happen in an attempt to prove British law correct. With a portrait of the Queen in place Trish mounts her victims face and proceeds to ruthlessly face sit him. "Are you yet?" she inquires as she presses her bottom firmly, cruelly, against his face. "It's awful isn't it?" Trish inquires as she continues to ruthlessly face sit the bottom. "I bet you can't breathe under there," she notes, "are you going to at any moment?" "Yes, yes," he manages to mutter although he is completely smothered under Trish's ass. "You don't look like you're dying to me," Trish comments as she continues to lethally smother the sub with her pussy. "Well, by the law it says I will ," the bottom manages to mutter in response. To which Trish laughs and comments, "yeah, you haven't died yet. Why the hell not," as she presses her bottom back into the bottom's face. "Oh my god," he responds, "this is disgusting. You're me." Trish laughs again and sits firmly back on his face. "Well, it's not that awful," the bottom mutters through perfect ass cheeks. "Are you yet?" Trish asks as she raises her bottom for a moment. "No," he manages. "Let's try again," she responds as she plants her bum on his face for another go at proving British law to be true. "For someone who's supposed to be there's a lot of talking coming from you," Trish observes as the bottom comments that he thinks he "likes this." Laughing Trish inquires, "well why the fuck did you make this illegal then?" "I don't know," is the best response to that question that the bottom can offer. Trish raises and lowers her butt onto his face trying her darnedest to off the bottom. To no avail. "It's very stupid to make face sitting illegal," she decides, "because it certainly isn't lethal. Is it? Are you yet?" "Not really," the poor soul who has been so cruelly face sat acquiesces. "Are you enjoying this?" Trish laughs. "Now I am," admits the long suffering nearly offed bottom. "If Britain were smart it would undue these stupid laws because, really, face sitting is far from lethal. About as far from lethal as anything. It's stupid," Trish notes as she tries one last time to smother the poor bottom to completion. "Right?" she asks the bottom. "Yes," he admits. "Are you yet?" she retorts. He shakes his head "no." Solidarity.

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