AmericanMeanGirls - Goddess Platinum - Oh You Want To Get Unlocked

Added: 29-08-2020

Man oh man...this stupid geezer slave really annoys me. I don't think he understands that the more he annoys me the worse it is for him. Honestly though I don't expect much when it comes to brains; his are old.

geezer was dumb enough to tell me again that he touched a little and came a little. Still don't quite get that, but whatever. Obviously the CBT he received last time for the same remarks didn't teach him a lesson.

This lesson is going to be a lot longer. Maybe then it will sink in...

I called geezer into my throne had no idea why. it quickly found out...

I had one of my many chastity slaves purchase numbered tamper proof chastity locks designed just for occasions like these I'm sure. I locked geezer in chastity and made sure it was an extremely tight fit so there is no way he can wiggle out of it.

I squeezed his pathetic little cock into that cage and placed one of my handy new chastity locks through it. You see these chastity locks are tamper proof...because you have to cut them to get them off. It's impossible to find an exact lock with the same number. Trust me...I made sure.

Once I was done cramming his pathetic little cock into the tiniest cage I could find I sent him on his way and I went on with life...

I demanded a picture daily to make sure that geezer was being obedient and I left it on for an entire month.

After a month and a few days pass I ordered my geezer slave to come to the desert was time to play.

Once it arrived I chained it's hands to the ceiling with handcuffs and it's ankles to each wall in the corners...spreading it nice and wide. Then I checked it's chastity locks to make sure the numbers still matched...making sure it was obedient. I knew he wouldn't be able to get out of that tiny cage

I asked the wrinkly old sack of bones if it had learned its lesson. it assured me it did. Then I made it beg me to unlock it's pathetic little dick out of chastity.

I then agreed to unlock it for a little bit...just long enough to have some fun. To be honest I was excited to be able to play with my stupid old geezer slave. A month is even long for me...

Once I unlocked it it started to get really scared. it started to realize it made a huge mistake, but it was already too Then the fun really began...

It included paddles, crops, whips and you know my favorite...ball busting. I'm sure by know you all know how much geezer detests CBT...hahahaha. I played with my geezer until he begged me to lock it back up. it's so stupid it said I could lock it up as long as I wanted to so long as I stopped abusing it's cock and balls.

What a stupid thing to promise!

Watch and enjoy...

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