Asian Cruelty - Astrodomina - Beaten into Slavery Parts 1-2

Added: 30-09-2017

Part 1:
"Nothing will bring a man to his knees quicker than a swift and relentless beating. Once you take him past his threshold, it’s only a matter of time before he realizes he is powerless to do anything but accept the pain and anguish I choose to bestow upon him. He will then simply “accept” the pain, and with it, accept his place and purpose as my slave.
For this new slave, a severe beating with a thick leather strap will serve to put him in the proper mindset. The thick, leather razor sharp strap strikes with a resounding thud, and rips his ass and back effortlessly. Again and again I beat him mercilessly, until he is begging for the opportunity to serve me. But I do not stop the assault until I see that look in his eyes. Until I see that I have broken him to my will."

Part 2:
"In this sequel, I continue breaking down my helpless victim, one beating at a time. A heavy leather paddle is my weapon of choice, and I mercilessly tenderize his ass to my liking. Blow after agonizing blow, I beat him until he has no choice but to abandon his pride and ego, and surrender his will to me. Then and only then will he be a slave worthy of my beatings."

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