Asian Cruelty - Siren Hikari - YOUR PURPOSE IS TO SUFFER FOR ME

Added: 18-02-2018

Naked, vulnerable n firmly strapped down to my punishment bench, my slave will receive his daily beating. Yes, his DAILY beating. His punishment is not the result of unruly behavior, nor is it designed as a contrived form of fantasy fulfillment. I make my slaves suffer, because I want to. And because it thrills me. And because he needs it to keep him in line n devoted to my every whim.
Employing a simple but painfully effective riding crop, I rip the flesh from his ass n back until he is squealing for mercy. But his pleas only serve to fuel my sadistic desire to torment him further. The more he screams, the more intense his punishment becomes. The more he begs, the harder my whip strikes.
I`ll stop when I decide to stop. Not before. And never before he has been given a proper attitude adjustment and he truly knows his rightful place and who owns his ass. I would estimate another couple of hours is all thats needed to break his spirit, and have him licking the filth from my boot heels.

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