Mistress Trish - Heavy Handed Punishment

Added: 23-02-2018

Mistress Trish is incredibly annoyed when she discovers someone else’s marks on slave fluffykins’s ass. He is in for it now. Trish decides to make his already sore n sorry ass even more so with a good, firm, heavy handed discipline spanking. She starts off hard, giving him no warm up as she tans his ass with open handed spank after open handed spank. As Trish physically punishes the slave for his disobedience she also lashes him with her tongue for disrespecting her. By the time she has finished spanking him Trish is not yet satisfied that the slave has learnt his lesson. So, because he received the cane strokes of another Mistress, Trish decides that she`ll also cane his ass until it is so sore that he surely won’t make the same mistake twice. Again, there is no warm up as Trish lays into his sorry and increasingly sore ass with her cane. She gives him ten hard cane strokes, loving his pained reaction to the intensity of her cane. Trish asks the poor pained slave if he feels sorry for his transgression to which he mistakenly, quite possible because of his confused and pained state, replies “no Mistress.” “Really?” Trish sneers as she begins caning him repetitively hard and fast with a good twenty strokes. “Do u feel sorry now?” she asks as she beats him. “Yes, Mistress,” he manages through gritted teeth. “Alright, one more insanely hard one and I might just believe you,” she replies. True to form Trish leave him with a finish cane stroke that`ll, no doubt, make the slave think twice about ever disrespecting her again.

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