Cruel Mistresses - Mistress Anette - ANETTE’S DISGUSTING SLAVE - Part 1-3

Added: 06-03-2018

Part 1: A cigarette is hanging from between the lips of Mistress Anette as she is sitting relaxed on the couch. Her slave is devotedly licking her high heel sandal, but it doesn’t satisfy Anette. She gets up with an annoyed face and while still smoking, she gives her slave a few really memorable face slaps. He`ll never be perfect for her and that’s why he always gets hard smacks.

Part 2: The slave has to bend over naked and show his ugly ass to Mistress Anette, who is standing on her high heels with a large, thick leather strap in her hand. She aims for his naked ass and the leather strap leaves a brutally painful, stinging sensation mark on him. The slave cries out instantly and he tries to escape, but Anette sits on his back n she continues the punishment.

Part 3: Mistress Anette is watching her slave as he slowly works on the part of her foot, that is hanging out of her high heel sandal and the frown on her face is getting bigger n bigger.

– You`re really disgusting – she spits and she carefully pulls down her sandals. She puts her feet on the footrest with her soles up and she orders the slave to lick it, but carefully, because she might kick him in the face.

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File Name : 11___Part 3
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Duration: 00:10:29
Video: AVC, 1920 x 1080, 12.220 FPS, 2376 kb/s
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