ClubStiletto - Mistress Irene - It’s Quite Satisfying

Added: 12-03-2019

Mistress Irene is doing some work in the kitchen. She has a big turkey on the kitchen island in the form of a human slave. While you typically don’t tenderize turkey in this case it is applicable. She starts with a fiber glass crop and the poor slave is soon whining and wailing but as he is totally bound he isn’t going anywhere. Now Irene switches to a metal equestrian crop and she strokes a lot harder but the slave finds this more bearable although the sound might give you the impression it is a lot worse than the first instrument. She flogs the slaves butt and legs as he lies on the cold counter.
Harder and harder she strikes and then it’s time for a leather crop. She goes hard and you can hear the rushing air as she brings it down on him again and again until he starts to cry and whimper for mercy. The slaves ass is starting to look pretty battered and bruised, gorgeous tram lines, but Irene isn’t done yet. Finally she switches to a British rattan cane and the punishment continues. What a sweet sound it makes and the slaves squealing only makes Irene laugh with delight. Irene’s big breasts fall out of her top as you see her bra and beautiful breast cleavage. Now the slave is legitimately crying but Irene knows if you spare the rod you spoil the slave and she just can’t have that. At the end the camera scans the slaves legs and ass so you can see what he has been subjected to and you can decide if you’re ‘man’ enough to see Irene for a session yourself.

File Name : 11___ClubStilettoItsQuiteSatisfking
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Duration: 00:09:45
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