ClubStiletto - Miss XI - Servicing Men, Getting Beaten By Me

Added: 28-03-2019

Miss Xi has taken complete control of her slave. The scene opens with him bound by the wrist and her waving a flogger in his face. “I can’t believe how much you have come to love dirty condoms, jerking off to them, sucking them” she says mockingly. She has just come from the bedroom where she had her slave sucking and licking her lovers used condom and as seen in the clip ‘The Price He Pays To Lick Her Stale Pussy Juice’. “What do you like better, the taste of my pussy juice on the outside of the condom, or all his cum on the inside?” The slave is not sure how to reply because of course Miss Xi is sadistic and does have a flogger in her hand and he’s bound and not going anywhere. She reminds him that she caught him looking in a trash bin recently and wonders if he wasn’t looking for used condoms?
She starts to flog his chest, stomach and cock before she turns him around so she can beat his ass. She tells him she is going to send him to a gay club where he can go look for used condoms and suck cocks. “Maybe I’ll make you strip down and go on stage, you’ll be sucking cock right on the stage and everyone will see your battered ass.” She says it will look cute for the man that ends up fucking his ass. She also says that if he is reluctant she can always hire someone to modify his mind and eliminate any apprehension he might have. She flogs his ass and shoulders and continues to talk about how she will turn him into a huge fag. “Servicing men and getting beaten by me will be your life” she tells him. What a great sex life for such a worthless slave bitch.

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