The Mean Girls - Goddess Platinum, Princess Amber, Goddess Maci - Eenie Meanie Miney Moe (1080 HD)

Added: 23-06-2019

Since Princess Ambers real life, real sister Goddess Maci finally turned 18 we can finally have her join us as a Mean Girl at the Mean Girl Manor.
Princess Amber and I were so excited to have Goddess Maci come to the Mean Girl Manor for the very first time. We had been waiting so long for Goddess Maci to turn 18 so we could finally introduce her to the life she was born to live … The life as a Mean Girl.
Day one we were able to show her how submissive all our loser slaves are. Show her how we can literally do anything to these pathetic losers that will do anything, or take anything just for the chance to be around us. It was so awesome being able to teach Goddess Maci our ways… teach her all the fun ways we use and abuse our slaves.
Here at the Mean Girl Manor, one of our very favorite ways to have fun with our slave is Ballbusting. I needed to make sure Goddess Maci fell in love with ballbusting as much as we have. I decided we should put our slaves in different positions and have Princess Amber teach her little sister how to kick the slave’s balls REALLY HARD!
We even made it more exciting by playing games where the slaves didn’t know which one would get kicked or who would kick them. Lol! I love seeing the pure look of fear in our slaves faces when they have no clue what’s going to happen next.
Since I was having Princess Amber teaching Goddess Maci how to ball bust the losers I was there holding slaves leashes and helping by giving tips. I got in a really brutal kick on the fat slave when he wasn’t looking, hahah! I couldn’t resist.
My geezer slave messed up big time! He moved when Princess Amber was going in for a kick. Princess Amber and I both decided it was time to remind him who owns him. I lined the wrinkly sack of skin up facing away from me while Princess Amber held his leash tight, and couldn’t help but laugh and point out how truly terrified he was knowing I was going to be the next kick…
Watch this clip and see if the geezer learned his lesson from me, his owner kicking his saggy balls. I know Goddess Maci had a blast learning how to kick slaves in the balls as hard as she can. Goddess Maci definitely learned to not hold back by the end of this clip. She will be a pro by the time Princess Amber and I are done teaching her. Hahaha!!

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