Madame Catarina - Cruelest Beauty - Stake Of No Mercy Four - Entire Movie (720 HD)

Added: 02-07-2019

Story: Madame Catarina has long kept a secret place hidden deep in the forest away from prying eyes. It is a place where she keeps the ‘Stake of No Mercy’, a place she takes her victims and slaves for special outdoor fun. It is a place where no one can hear the slave’s screams or the Mistresses laughter. Today Madame Catarina has decided to take two slaves to her Stake of No Mercy for some very special and sadistic whipping and caning fun.
ENTIRE MOVIE: Looking stunning in high heel boots, jodhpurs and leather coat Madame Catarina arrives in the forest in her ‘Dommobile’ with two slaves tethered like in the back. Soon a slave is selected and led crawling on all fours and forced to worship Madame Catarina’s boots before being secured at the base of the ‘Stake of No Mercy’ where he is mercilessly whipped and trampled. With the slave’s cock, balls and thighs suitably prepared with her whip and riding crop Madame Catarina decides to have some real fun. The slave is repositioned and a full body whipping commences, accompanied by the slave’s screams and Madame Catarina’s laughter. When the slave is a suitable shade of red Madame Catarina decides bastinado would be fun so the slave is placed in position and the soles of his feet beaten mercilessly with riding crop and then with cane before the slave is subjected to yet another full body whipping. The slave is duly returned to the ‘Dommobile’ and the other slave is led to the ‘Stake of no Mercy’ on all fours. Madame Catarina shows the slave a board with the number of bad points he has accrued over the last weeks and tells him he will receive a stroke of the cane for every point before taking a dragon cane to his bare butt and making him count each stroke. Once his punishment is over and his butt is a mass of red scars the slave is used as a footrest and forced to clean his Mistresses feet with his tongue as Madame Catarina amuses herself by treating her slave to a ruined orgasm with her feet and gloved hands before relaxing in the sun.

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