THE MEAN GIRLS CLUB - Cocky Slave Whipped In The Hot Box

Added: 06-03-2020

This slave has been left chained up in the “Garage of Pain” at the mean girl punishment camp somewhere on the outskirts of Las Vegas. The Mean Girls like to party in Vegas on occasion and during their stay they can punish at will any slaves that have been sentenced for punishment from a Mean Girl Tribunal. It is like a hot box out here in the garage where the slave has been kept chained up for days. But it’s “attitude” still doesn’t seem to be broken. It is a new slave and still doesn’t understand that the only way it will survive ownership by The Mean Gilrs is by COMPLETE supplication at the feet of ALL Mean Girls and any of their friends. They are PROPERTY, not “people” anymore. This particular slave was sent for punishment for not putting enough olives in Princess Chanel’s boyfriend’s martini. He was one olive short, and just to show off in front of her boyfriend, Chanel sentenced him to 6 weeks at punishment camp! Plus she didn’t like his attitude- and rightfully so. He didn’t seem grateful enough to serve her and her boyfriend as a couple. 6 weeks out here should correct that, though! Princess Beverly had a very annoying plane ride to Vegas anyway. She actually had to share a charter Lear jet flight with some stupid bank executive. Not to mention it is SO hot out in this garage!
So she takes her anger out on the slave. The slave actually dares to complain to Princess Beverly that he feels his “sentence” was too harsh! Like his opinion counts for anything around here?? And he gives her ATTITUDE! This piece of scum needs to learn.and the best way to “teach” a slave anything is with a WHIP! Princess Beverly lays into him HARD. She beats the craapp ot of him with whips, canes, riding crops.until eventually he is broken and seems to have had an “attitude adjustment”. Princess Beverly even walks out of the room and turns the lights off at one point to leave the slave to “think” about its situation for awhile, and to “bake” a little bit MORE out in the hot box!! When she comes back a few hours later, she flips the lights back on and begins BEATING on the slave AGAIN without mercy!
By now the slave realizes how this is going to go.and begins BEGGING to be sent back to Mean Girl Manor and serve Princess Chanel AND her boyfriend, and anyone else he is told to! He pledges that he will do ANYTHING he is commanded to as the blows continue to rain down on him and his back fills up with welts and cuutts! This COCKY slave has learned its lesson and is obviously completely broken already. But Princess Beverly decides that it will still receive several more WEEKS of punishment to make SURE it never forgets that its life is now OWNED by The Mean Girls and its opinion mean NOTHING anymore!

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