The Mean Girls - Goddess Platinum - You Fucked Up (4K

Added: 21-04-2020

Ugh…. my stupid fucking geezer slave is just so incredibly dumb! It just doesn’t have any common sense and I constantly have to tell it the same things OVER and OVER and OVER again. I think it is going senile. It seems to be a common thing when losers get really old and decrepit. Lol! And that slave is definitely oooooolddddd and nasty af!

Well you know what that means…. I’m going to have to beat the crud out of it, AGAIN! I don’t feel bad at all, it’s almost like a bad creature that you need to beat to teach it a lesson. Grrrrr it’s time to teach this wrinkled ole sack, cause it has gone and done it again… it fucked up my video… AGAIN! I have told it sooooo many times not to fuck around in my clips. When it fucks around in my clips it costs me money, and NOBODY MESSES WITH MY MONEY! It knows it’s not ever allowed to say “no” or be disobedient but it also knows to keep its head down and don’t ever look at the camera, don’t look at other slaves unless it’s told to… just do as you are told!

Well I was editing and there it goes again, smug little fuck was watching another slave get tortured and smiling… I’m sure it’s just happy it’s not the one getting tortured, but nope this is not going to fly.

I restrained this loser realllll good. Just how I know this loser really hates and this is it; it hates to be on its stomach with it’s legs and arms cuffed. It hates to not be able to move and for me to whip downwards as hard as I can. So that’s exactly what I did.

Then I beat it hard and long till I thought it finallllly got it through it’s old disintegrating brain.

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