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Added: 15-08-2020

For those of you who have been waiting patiently for another one of Our "Instant Classic" beatdown clips, this one will definitely fit the bill.... HAHAHAHA.... it had been a decent while since this slave had had its ass kicked and utterly destroyed by Myself or any of the other Mean Girls, so We took a bit of time out of Our day to deliver the strong and swift ass kicking every slave needs now and again....

The clip starts with the loser restrained to a storage Ottoman We have in the basement at the Manor, and Ms. Dandy and Princess Mia situated on either side of it with canes in hand ready to get the show underway. From the time I give the go ahead, until the time this thing is utterly destroyed, well, let's just say it's something you have to see to believe.

We haven't done a caning quite like this since Carmella beat the fuck out of the stinky, fat one when We were still shooting in California... (But this is even better than that, cuz what happens in Vegas, well, you know... lol)

Let Me explain how... first off, there is almost no "lead in" to this clip... no long dialog before the action gets started or no setting up the backstory of why this loser is getting beat. The clips is just a straight away ass-beating, by two perfect Mean Girls who haven't gotten to really destroy a slave in the few weeks leading up to this clip being filmed...

I mean, within the first two minutes of filming, the Girls had already crushed Their canes into this loser's body over 40 times, used four different canes (two each), and broken one of the bamboo canes somewhere across this thing's back or legs... AND THEY WERE ONLY JUST GETTING STARTED...

It only got worse from there... I lost count when they hit him for the hundredth time at what seemed like only another minute or two after the first broken cane went flying... OMG, They absolutely destroyed this thing... and They did so with nearly every single cane We have in the arsenal, including the huge birchwood cane that is wrapped in rubber and over 6" tall... talk about a violent and vicious cane, that thing is brutal by itself... it's nearly fateful when wielded by Ms. Dandy who is the tallest (and possibly strongest) Mean Girl by far...

In addition to crushing the thing with canes We had never used on anyone prior to this clip, I also gave the Girls access to the most ridiculously painful canes We have; two simple short black canes made from Walnut and Hickory that are 3/8 and 7/16 in diameter respectively... After the birch behemoth and the smaller vicious hardwoods, this thing was absolutely pulverized; its back and ass to the looking more like a tenderized piece of meat for the BBQ than a person, when the abuse was over.

And how long do you think this thing took the ass kicking? Two or three minutes like the little bitches that always write in begging to be Our film slave and then run away as soon as they get hit the first time or two? No, I already mentioned the thing had gotten hit over 40 times with four different canes and had one broke over its back in the first few minutes alone. Five minutes maybe? Nope, this bitch knows better and has been through some of the most vicious beatings on Our sites/stores... And at roughly five minutes in the girls had gone through some 8 variety of canes and smashed them into this pathetic little bitch nearly 100 times...

No loser, this clip wasn't some short brutal ass beating. It was a long, unrelenting, unyielding, unbelievable ass kicking by two Mean Girls that wanted nothing more than to kick the hell out of a worthless slave and leave Their marks all over its pathetic body. As I'm filming (mostly off-camera), you can hear Me interrogating the slave and reminding it who owns it. At one point I even ask it about its former owner, a previous Mean Girl well renowned for destroying Her slaves and beating them senseless from the outset...

And what do you think this pathetic bitch had to say when asked about its former Princess? Hmmmm... ??? Give up... ??? NOTHING... its stupid ass was so destroyed, broken, clueless, and writhing from the pain, that it professed to not even remember the name of the Princess that formerly owned it...

So now you understand what I mean when I say that this clip is an instant classic of Mean Girl ass beating and merciless caning of a loser none of Us give the slightest fuck about. Watch a loser scream and cry out (until We tell it not to make a noise and not to squirm at all.....HAHAHAHA) as its body gets tenderized and smashed to hell by two Gorgeous Girls that absolutely don't give a damn what happens to it...

Ms Dandy repeatedly takes turns using Her cane as a drumstick to whack the loser as fast and often as She can, while Princess Mia ruthlessly takes different implements to this thing's back and ass right over areas that Dandy has just destroyed.. all of which lead to a grossly damaged and ridiculously broken loser...

But oh well bitch boy, We don't treat slaves like a valuable commodity here as they are all replaceable little betas that are in abundance throughout the world. This is just one more example of how quickly something can go from healthy and functional, to abjectly ruined and wholly violated in less than a quarter hour at the Mean Girl Manor.

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