The Mean Girls - Goddess Draya, Princess Amber - Stockade Beatdown (1080 HD)

Added: 21-11-2020

What can We say about this terribly clueless ginger slave? From the time it arrived at Mean Girl Manor and declared it’s intention to do everything it could to become Our newest live-in slave, nothing has really gone according to plan (well, at least not for it.) But of course, everything goes to plan for Us. Because the plan for Us is always just to exploit, manipulate, humiliate, beat, and denigrate these losers until they are the obedient, passive, foot-licking beta-bitches We expect them to be… Got it loser?

So before filming this clip, the ginger retard did some other moronic thing that pissed Me off and made Me want to beat it. So Princess Amber and I had the other live in slave bring the Stocks into the slave quarters where We locked this pathetic Ginger in and took to beating it’s ass severely once again.

It really shouldn’t be this hard. And it doesn’t need to take 3 months for a loser to become a usable live-in slave, but when you beta bitches can’t understand that it is your job to keep the house tidy, your job to do the laundry, your job to keep Our cars washed, your job to remember Our birthdays (Mine is less than 2 weeks away currently loser), and your job to get things done so We Mean Girl’s don’t have to toil with chores and tasks that are meant for Our inferiors. In other words, YOU EXIST TO MAKE OUR LIVES EASIER.

And if it just so happens you ever forget those facts, it won’t be five minutes until you find yourself like the ginger here, locked up, locked in, gagged, with nowhere to go until We are done disabusing you of the wrongheaded notions in your skull… Step up your game, or We will beat it completely the fuck down bitches…

$$$ Goddess Draya $$$

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File Name : 3333___The_Mean_Girls_-_Goddess_Draya__Princess_Amber_-_Stockade_Beatdown__1080_HD_
Format: MPEG-4
File Size : 298 MB
Duration: 00:08:47
Video: AVC, 1920 x 1080, 59.940 FPS, 4608 kb/s
Audio: AAC LC, 2 channels, 125 kb/s



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