The Mean Girls - Goddess Platinum - Beat It Before I Delete It (4K)

Added: 22-11-2020

This idiot pain slave of Mine had the audacity to tell Me that if I wanted the tribute it owed Me, I’d need to beat it to get My money out of it….. Well, happy to oblige Mister Moron…. I dragged this thing from it’s cage and hung it from the rafters in the ceiling of the Mean Girl Manor… this disobedient little tuuurd had been on My nerves for months with it’s on again off again inability to stay obedient and do as it’s told… apparently, it has step-mommy issues and feels like no WOMAN has ever loved it back….. BWAHAHAHAhahahaha…. no kidding loser, no WOMAN loves you now, and NO WOMAN HAS EVER LOVED YOU AT ANY POINT IN YOUR PATHETIC AND ANNOYING LIFE….. lol…..

So, since of course I’m going to get My money, I took this loser, tied it up, and then beat it as hard as I have since the first day it walked into the Manor and pledged itself to Me.. I don’t have time for annoying idiots who refuse to follow My instructions and get butt hurt every two minutes when I don’t give them enough attention.. loser’s exist for My benefit, not the other way around… so watch this stupid little loser’s last beating at My hands… HAHAHA… after kicking it’s ass and taking all but it’s smallest bills from it’s wallet, I laughed and kicked the thing to the curb…. Bub bye bitch boy… remember who the disposable part of the relationship WAS sissy-cuck… it’s no worry in My world not to have your mentally unstable jealous cry baby ass around, but pretty sure the loser wandering around the pandemic with it’s ass tatted and branded with My name feels every bit like the stupid worthless disposable discarded trash that it is without Me….. bwahahahaha…. I’ll start My watch now on the countdown until this retard comes crawling back…. and just wait for the hell I have lined up for it once it does… real Gay-Ass-Geezer-Going WATERWORKS because I will hurt it so bad if it ever tries to crawl back to My feet…. TRY ME BITCH….. !!!

– Goddess Platinum

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File Name : 3333___The_Mean_Girls_-_Goddess_Platinum_-_Beat_It_Before_I_Delete_It__4K_
Format: MPEG-4
File Size : 3.71 GB
Duration: 00:19:32
Video: AVC, 2720 x 1530, 59.940 FPS, 27.1 Mb/s
Audio: AAC LC, 2 channels, 125 kb/s


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