Sado-Ladies - Aurora Nia Knoxx - Pure Suffering

Added: 04-02-2021

Time for another wonderful classic femdom action clip with new lady Aurora Nia Knoxx!
This one was the last we filmed on our date and although the victim was already in serious trouble and recieved a lot of painful treatments that day lady aurora still was not satisfied. Lets talk a lil bit about lady aurora: she is not only a beautiful woman with incredible beautiful crystal clear blue eyes and a wonderful body, we can assure you that she really enjoys to inflict pain. She is for sure natural dominant!
For this clip the slave has to bend over a punishment block as lady aurora starts to use her hairbrush first. Usually this is not too harsh but when in the right hands of a cuel lady and when a body is already covered with welts all over even this „warm up“ is very painful.
Lady aurora announcing a simple game now. She has a sandhour that runs for 8 minutes and the slave have to endure 8 mins of pure pain.
Well..warm up is done, so lady aurora goes over to a small carpetbeater, nice to handle and nice to inflict serious pain. The punishment goes on with a small, but painful singletail. Stroke after stroke rains down on the slaves body. Still not satisfied a flogger goes into action. This one is made of thick leather so its not an easy task to take the pain for the slave. Have a look at the sadistic grin aurora shows us for a moment as she smiles into the cam.
At least a paddle goes into action. Lady aurora loves this one cuz she really can swing through and have good control over it. A good dose of 10 slaps are applied and bingo – the 8 mins are over and the slave is totally broken!
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