Sado-Ladies - Whipped For Car Damaging

Added: 02-03-2021

"I think you are really crazy" mistress cloe says as this clip starts. She have a male creature on a leash and catched him as this stupid idiot trys to scratch the car of the lady and run away. But he didnt know that cloe can run fast even on high heels. "You have the choice - I can go to the authorities now. I photographed you so I have prooved or you pay in a different kind.The idiot choices the different kind, for sure he dont know whats going on, but when he see all the whips and the andreas cross he should have an idea. Mistress cloe made him pay by dishing out a really good hard flogging. She uses 2 different floggers and swings them with full power of her right arm and her right arm is very powerful. So the back of the idiot soon gets redder and redder and he really suffers today. But we are pretty sure that he will never scratch anything again especially not a car! Wonderful whipping clip!Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Sado-Ladies, Whipping, Whipped, Whip, Corset, High Heels, Leather, Mistress Cloe, Cloe, Mistress, White Blouse, Blonde, Blond Hair

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