AstroDomina - DIRTY WORK PART 2

Added: 19-02-2022

When you're at the mercy of a sexy Domme, all bets are off.
This is a continuation of Dirty Work - Part 1.
It's time. Time for Sydney to get these two suckers to the slavers. Jasmine, the tall sexy Asian Domme, is still tied up with a chest harness, the male sub is on the couch, tied all over with a gag in. The slavers will be here soon. Sydney starts by taking the sexy Asian Domme Jasmine to the car. As she leads them out of the room, the male sub stays behind, not sure what's in store for him. Simple: Sydney wants to him some more first. She has no regard for his dignity or personal space. All she is concerned about is her personal pleasure. Using a riding crop on his chest and finally his cock, she warns him that worse times are ahead for him. Then before taking him to the slavers, Sydney puts a chastity cage on the sub and rides his back like a horse. Maybe she'll keep him for a little while longer before selling him.Don't forget to check out parts I and III
Dirty Work - Part 1Dirty Work - Part 3
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