Domina Planet - Mistress June - Breaking My Sissy

Added: 06-03-2022

Mistress June is sissifying Her slave to a mincing, prissy, sissy whore maid that sucks cock for money and takes it in the ass for a few dollars more. The slave, being a heterosexual male with no interest whatsoever in men objected, She beat him, put him in a latex bondage hood, a pink PVC maid outfit, red stiletto, 5-inch locking heels, pink silicone cuffs and a pretty pink rhinestone sissy pet collar. Mistress June is decked out in black PVC, no panties and black, thigh-high stiletto boots. She then uses Her as a foot stool while talking to Her bestie for ideas. She climbs on the slave's back and sits down on Her back, pulling up the sissy's skirt and pulling down Her panties:
"Are you a man?....What are you?....What do sissy's do?"
She starts wailing on the sissy's ass, regardless of whether or not the answer is right or not. She keeps conditioning the bitch to say the most humiliating things. She is filming the entire ordeal, to use as further blackmail to push the slave further into feminized slavery.
"Sissy's suck cock, yes little cunt, but they also take cocks deep inside their sweet sissy pussy's. Now tell me you want as many cocks in your sissy pussy as possible"
She keeps wailing on the sissy's ass, alternating between each cheek. The red stripes start to become welts as the training session ends, with Mistress June using the stupid bitch as a recliner.
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