Miss Suzanna Maxwell, Miss Courtney - Serious Stripes

Added: 19-03-2022

Our slave has been brought in for hid daily dose of pain training, he has to build up a certain level of tolerance if he wishes Ua to bestow any slice of attention on his flesh. In previous days he has been rather pathetic, weak and disappointing...... today however he has found his inner masochist. Dressed in PVC pants, thigh boots and a mesh bodysuit I look rather menacing. Miss Courtney matches in leather and together We set about him with Our canes. Small sharp flicks warm up his flesh and he instantly starts to shake, his knees buckle as welts form on his hot skin.  We no longer joke about his previously meagre performances as things turn serious as We can see he has reached subspace and can be pushed harder than ever before. We swap sides and the intensity increases, stripe after stripe licks his skin. he falters a few times but finds a way to keep his strength to stand......... very impressive progress!!! The strikes become harsher still, Miss Courtney offers him some courage as I finish off Our masterpiece..... will he remain standing at the end???
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