Simply Discipline - Lola - Spanking in the Kitchen With Lola and Peaches Complete

Added: 19-03-2022

Lola returns home from a hard day’s work, to find the sink a complete mess. She grabs a wooden spoon, and summons her husband, Peaches. Upon questioning, he pathetically confesses to having forgotten to do the dishes because he got “caught up” in a video game, while his beloved Lola was hard at work. Lola determines this behavior is “a cry for help” revealing his subconscious need for discipline, and in her household, that means a humiliating and severe bare bottom, cheeks, anus, and cock spanking for Peaches.
She orders him to lower his shorts, revealing his/her cock, encaged in a steel chastity device. She removes the key from around her neck, unlocks, and removes it so as to prevent the cage from snagging her skirt, as he will invariably be flopping and bucking over her lap. She discovers Peaches cock to be, typically, erect when a good hard spanking is in the offing. She applies some spanks to his pesky erection, but that just seems to make it even harder.
Over her lap he goes, as her lovely, muscular, toned thighs tightly trap the naughty member. The spanking begins with increasingly firm, fast  and steady hand spanks. She leg locks the big bad boy into position, which in turn, pokes the little bad boy up against the crotch of her panties.
She reaches for her wooden spoon, spreads his reddening cheeks, and applies spanks directly onto his puckering rosebud. Very embarrassing for Peaches. Very amusing and arousing for Lola. She spanks and spanks, with several different wooden spoons as he squirms, whimpers, and promises to be good. She paddles away with abandon, laughing at his cries, and teaches a very necessary lesson in obedience.
She stands him up, and bends him over a stool, giving her the leverage she needs to spank with full arm strength. She orders him to spread his own cheeks, as she continues paddling that rosebud, and he continues kicking. 
Next, his head goes into the sink full of dirty dishes while his bruised ass juts out, obscenely inviting further chastisement. She instructs him to keep looking at the dirty dishes, as she holds him close, and paddles relentlessly, firmly gripping his cock to keep him in position.
Once again, she takes him back over her knee. She alternates wicked spanks between his now blistered bottom and his pre-cum leaking cock. 
When she stands him up, she finds that nothing she can do will prevent the reappearance that pesky erection. Oh well. She moves on to her bath, leaving Peaches to dance around, rubbing his now oh so sore, dark red bottom.
The full clip is over 27 minutes long, and contains: Lola, Peaches, Spanking F/m,, Paddling, OTK Spanking, Punishment, Kitchen, apron, chastity, spanking, CBT, Wooden spoon, Discipline, Humiliation
Coming soon; Discipline in the Bedroom With Lola And Peaches
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