ClubStiletto - Miss XI - Flogged ass and Battered balls

Added: 23-09-2020

Sexy and sadistic Miss XI flogs her slave’s ass while he’s helplessly bound to the discipline bench. “Who’s a little bitch?” she asks him. “I am, Princess,” he replies. As she flogs him, she calls him a pig and makes him squeal like one. She gets a nice rhythm going and soon the slave’s ass is red, but just as he gets used to the flogger, XI surprises him with some random kicks to the balls. Unbeknownst to him, she has surreptitiously swapped the flogger for a huge leather paddle. The slave squeals in pain as the first blow lands, only to be followed by another kick to the balls. XI continues with this treatment: the paddle, her foot, one, then the other. The slave writhes so much he almost topples the bench. After XI administers another series of blows with the paddle, she kicks not only his balls but his ass. She howls with laughter at his screams and grunts of pain.

If the slave thinks the worst is over he’s in for a surprise as we see XI reach for her wire flogger. She attacks the poor slave’s ass without mercy and it causes him to wonder why he continues to put himself in these types of predicaments. When XI asks if he can take 10 more though, he naturally replies, “Yes”, too weak to say no to a powerful Woman. She makes him count the strokes backwards from 10. OMG, she is ruthless, and when the slave convulses after the 10th hit she laughs and kicks him in the nuts one more time. “I guess I’ll just leave you here to roast in your own sweat,” she tells him, switching off the light as she leaves the room.

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